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First aid courses available

It’s important that you know what to do in the critical minutes before professional help arrives. This could mean the difference between life and death.

We work in partnership with AUSCompliance Pty Ltd to provide first aid training courses at very competitive prices.

We offer the following courses:

  • Provide First Aid (previously called Apply or Senior First Aid)
    $130.00pp
  • Provide First Aid Refresher (must be within 3 years of issue)
    $105.00pp
  • CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
    $55.00pp
  • Low Voltage Rescue (Electrical Rescue & Resuscitation Training)
    $90.00pp
  • Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting
    $165.00pp

We also offer onsite training for a minimum of 10 people. We are flexible and can provide after hours training, weekends or even split the course over two nights if needed.
Please contact our office on 8349 8063 to discuss or email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming course dates for CPR, BELS, PFA Refresher and PFA

October 2017

Fri 20th at Gepps Cross
Tues 24th at Gepps Cross
Thurs 26th at North Adelaide

November 2017

Thurs 2nd at North Adelaide
Fri 3rd at Gepps Cross
Tues 7th at Gepps Cross
Thurs 9th at North Adelaide
Thurs 16th at North Adelaide
Fri 17th at Gepps Cross
Tues 21st at Gepps Cross
Thurs 23rd at North Adelaide
Tues 28th at Gepps Cross
Thurs 30th at North Adelaide

Please contact our office on 8349 8063 to check availability and to make a booking.

*Online Theory Pre-work is required for Provide First Aid Courses (including Refreshers, CPR & BELS training).
(If the online theory is not completed prior to the training course, you will need to do this after the practical component. This will add more time onto the course duration).


North Adelaide: Suite 23, 168 Melbourne Street - courses starts at 9.30am.
Gepps Cross: 574 Main North Road - courses starts at 9am.

Duration: Approximately 8 hours.

How often should you attend training?

First aiders should attend training on a regular basis to refresh their first aid knowledge and skills and to confirm their competence to provide first aid.
Refresher training in CPR should be undertaken annually and first aid qualifications should be renewed every three years.

First Aiders may also need to undertake additional first aid training to respond to specific situations at their workplace. For example, where workers have severe allergies, first aiders should be trained to respond to anaphylaxis if this topic has not been covered in previous first aid training.

By choosing St James First Aid, you are supporting a family owned and operated, proud South Australian business!


October is nationally recognised as Defibrillator Awareness Month.


Research published in the European Resuscitation Council's official journal “Resuscitation” examines community’s out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest data, both before and after running widespread CPR instruction programs and making AEDs available.

The research discovered that after the communities had made CPR training and AEDs readily available, out-of-hospital victims of Cardiac Arrest were four times more likely to receive CPR and twice as likely to receive defibrillation before emergency services arrived.
"Chest compressions and AED placement are critical first steps in the chain of survival that can be performed by citizens and first responders, so engaging the public is crucial," said Lori Boland, lead author of the study.

The study examined 294 out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest events across 17 communities.
120 out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest events were studied before the communities had widespread AEDs and CPR training available, and 174 events afterwards.

Bystander CPR rates increased from 83% to 95%, and bystander Defibrillation increased from 63% to 77% - with a recorded rise in survival rates.
"This paper confirms our belief that training the public results in increased bystander CPR and AED rates," said Dr Charles Lick, co-author of the report.

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