Stretcher Repairs and Maintenance

It’s important that stretchers and patient handling equipment are ready to use in case of an emergency. To ensure these are in perfect working order, maintenance should be performed annually. This not only prolongs the product life, it reduces the cost of extensive repairs. But most importantly, it will protect both you and your patients from injury and ensure they receive the smoothest, fastest care possible.

Safety Concerns

Equipment that isn’t properly maintained won’t perform at its best, this could cause injury and become a potential source of liability. It would also be inconvenient if the stretcher wasn’t useable.

A poorly maintained stretcher increases the risk of sudden height drops and failures.


Our qualified technicians are able to carry out any repairs that may be required. We have an in-house fully equipped workshop to carry out these repairs, to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace. We can organise loan stretchers if required.

We are the South Australian service agent for all Ferno stretchers which includes the servicing for private ambulance services, sporting clubs, funeral homes etc.


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