First Aid Room Set-Ups

Sick or injured employees may need to be taken to a first aid room while recovering or waiting for medical attention. The need for a first aid room will depend on the size of your workplace and number of people needing access to first aid.

St James can organise set up of a new first aid room or update an existing one. Talk to our qualified staff about what requirements you might have.

The following items are available:

  • first aid kit with contents appropriate for the workplace
  • Hand washing liquid in pump dispenser and paper towelling
  • dressing trolley
  • stretchers
  • secure cupboards for storage of medical supplies
  • contaminated waste bags with appropriate holder
  • sharps disposal system
  • signage indicating emergency first aid procedures and location of first aid products
  • injury register and / or casualty report form
  • oxygen
  • automatic external defibrillators

Other items you should consider providing:

  • chairs, couch or bed with pillows and linen
  • adjustable lighting
  • desk and telephone
  • sink and wash basin with hot and cold water connected


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